We have Agas in our kitchens at Brinsop Court Estate. The heat that emanates from them warms the whole kitchen and gives it a cosy nostalgic feeling. If you have never lived or holidayed in a place with an Aga you may find it hard to believe that an ‘old fashioned’ cooker is so much more than a piece of kitchen equipment to aid cooking!

aga in dansey kitchen brinsop courtMake the Aga your friend and you’ll miss it when you have to leave!

So, what can the Aga do apart from actually cook (and lets face it a microwave can do that!).

Keep the kitchen warm which is a given really and we all know they do that.

Quickly dry the coats and wellies after a drizzly or snowy day walking the estate.

Pop a bar of chocolate into a jug and sit it on the back of the Aga to melt and so make a no fuss sauce to pour over your ice cream or other yummy puddings. Can’t be called cooking surely.

Keep cooked food warm for ages. One fab trick is to cook a full English including the egg and put a portion on a cold plate and into the bottom oven where it can sit without spoiling ready for that last teenager to make it down to breakfast!

If you only shop once for bread whilst on holiday, then when the loaf gets a bit stale you can revive it successfully by cutting the fly walk off first, then holding the loaf cut side down for a minute or two under a running cold tap and pop into the roasting oven for 3 or 4 minutes for warm crusty bread!

kitchen in dansey at brinsop courtDid you know that if you put a “too tight to unscrew” topped jar upside down on the simmering plate for 30 seconds, the metal lid expands and can be easily unscrewed with a cloth…… could almost be a party trick. Head out into the grounds of the estate, pick some chestnuts and roast them. Now how many times do you get to do that at home? Incidentally, you will need to cut an X on the curved side, put them onto a tin, sprinkle with a few teaspoons of water and roast on the grid shelf on the floor of the oven for up to 40 minutes. Peel them whilst they are still warm.

In the depths of winter warm hats and scarves on the top of the Aga before heading out sledging or snowman making! Perfect for today’s snow!

Don’t be a slave to it, but just assemble a stew or casserole at breakfast time, pop it into the top oven for 20 minutes, move it to the bottom oven and leave it there until you come in after a hard day’s sightseeing and it will be ready whenever you are! That can’t really be called cooking can it?

And finally, do the ironing although hopefully you won’t have much if any when you are on holiday. Fold your article of clothing carefully and place it on the top of the simmering plate cover and hey presto after an hour or so it will be beautifully ‘pressed’. Friends warm your soul and keep you company on dark days – so does the Aga!

Friends are there for you when you are wet, cold and hungry – so is the Aga! If you don’t believe me, book a holiday at Brinsop Court Estate and try these 10 things out!

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