50 Things to do before you are 11 and three quarters

When the National Trust originally created their list of 50 Things to do there was lots of publicity and interest, and that interest has continued. Very recently, the public were encouraged to send in photos of the children enjoying the #50things, which prompted me to have a think about what we can and can’t do here!

At Brinsop you can easily do the majority of the 50 things. If you disregard the things that can only be done at the seaside, then there are just five things you can’t do here and unsurprisingly we have some great alternatives!So, what can’t you do!

9. Eat an apple straight from a tree

Whilst it is true you can’t eat an apple straight from a tree here, you can eat a pear! We also have blackberries, wild garlic and all manner of hedgerow goodies. If you are into foraging, we can show you some good spots around the estate for a little pick or if you want to collect enough for supper we can arrange for a local forager to guide you.

14. Dam a stream

We have no streams suitable for damming, but we do have an entire moat to mess about in either fishing or playing or taking photos of the wildlife or just day dreaming next to.

woodland walks at brinsop court22. Explore inside a tree

We take huge care of our trees and currently there are none on the estate that are hollow enough to get into!

49. Find a geocache

As a private estate of course we don’t encourage the public to wander across it and therefore have no geocaches here. However, if you have experienced geocaching and like looking for things, we have two different types of treasure hunt. Both are available on request. “Finding Brinsop’s Treasures” is suitable for younger children and the other one involves a fair amount of exploring across the whole estate and is suitable for all the family. What is fab about the second one “A Bespoke Treasure Trail” is that it comes with a poem about the history of Brinsop.

50. Canoe down a river

There are no rivers that cross the estate, but if canoeing is your thing, the River Wye isn’t too far away and there are lots of local canoe companies who will happily arrange for you to have a go.

So have a read of the full list. And let us know which things you and your children haven’t done before and we’ll help to get them out and about with a host of new experiences!