A few weekends ago daughter number three Molly, was 21. The caterers were booked, musicians and DJ booked and all the invites had gone out. Friends were instructed to come in fancy dress beginning with M.

banquetting hall at brinsop courtThe night arrived and it was a hoot – Moses was dancing with the Magician. His wife, Madonna was chatting to The Maid of Orleans, who arrived strapped to a stake!. Mankini Man – found asleep on the floor in front of the Aga on Sunday morning – was trying hard with a pair of Munchkins, Marilyn Monroe was getting very close to the Mayor and so it went on…about 150 of them, until about 5am. The other three daughters, Mosquito, Moth and Midge had everyone in stitches with their speech. Those of you who know Ann Radnor would have found her a wonderful Mother Superior, and Jon Hull a very convincing Mr Rupert Murdoch…..all in all it was great.

Brinsop makes a brilliant party house for celebrating with friends and family! At the beginning of November daughter number one, Harriet celebrated her birthday at Brinsop. This time it was a spooky affair and the banqueting hall was suitably lit with candles adding to the atmosphere.

party as brinsop court herefordshireThe girls started their evening with a fantastic meal cooked outdoors and ended with a ghost walk in the little woodland close to Dansey where the pigs sometimes reside.

The ghost walk will be a permanent feature and we can’t decide whether to label it as such or just tell guests about it and let them find it on their own. What do you think? This weekend we have guests celebrating their birthdays – Happy Birthday guys!


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