One of the fantastic things about working at Brinsop Court is how varied each day can be whilst enjoying the backdrop of a house that has been the same for centuries!

I recently had the pleasure of manning the office for two days whilst everyone else in the team was out and about doing other important stuff.  Day one was the calm before the storm because the guests had been in the house for a few days and knew their way around and didn’t need much attention. I think the only request I had was for more firelighters and kindling.

It was the day before changeover day so it was a good day to catch up on some of the office admin and paperwork and ensure any enquiries that had come in overnight were dealt with and the phone answered.  A few queries came in from guests that are arriving in the next few weeks which varied from questions about the availability of table cloths to which board games we have in the Games room and whether Ivy Cottage has a blu ray player! Some questions could be easily answered, but others I left until changeover day when I could get into the house without disturbing guests.  Between phone calls and emails, with the sun shining and the sound of the wind in the trees it is incredibly peaceful and was a really good time to write up some blog posts for those busy weeks when there is no time to be creative!

Day two was completely different… instead of sitting quietly in the office managing the phone and emails, I was out and about in the house. Saying goodbye to one set of guests and welcoming the next set all went off smoothly. The guests that were leaving had some really helpful insights about the marketing of Brinsop Court and the information on the website – for example they knew we had a tennis court, but didn’t know we supplied balls and racquets free of charge and had brought their own. They also mentioned they’d had a lovely time at Holmer Spa and that we also didn’t mention on our website that as guests of Brinsop Court, you can have a discounted rate there. Both bits of information are on there now!

Between guests we made sure that the house was looking its best and the banqueting hall and library were beautified for viewings. Fresh flowers were everywhere, set up by Julia and Jonathan had organised all the welcome packs in all the kitchens, checked the light bulbs and replaced where necessary and generally ensured the house was ready for 3.30pm. And before we knew it, there was a wonderful air of anticipation and the next set of guests had arrived to enjoy a weekend in the country with their friends and family.

The next time I came into the office I was back on emails and phone calls (with some marketing and social media thrown in for good measure) and the house had settled down again with a whole new set of guests enjoying its facilities.

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