The rise of Midweek Matrimony.

Our guide to holding your big day during the week at Brinsop Court.

When it comes to choosing a date for your wedding, let’s face it, the Saturday has a serious fan club! However, beware Saturday, as midweek weddings are rapidly becoming the star of the show. You may be surprised to hear that in 2017, here at Brinsop Court a massive 40% of our weddings took place on a day between Monday and Friday. There is no right or wrong date to pick for your wedding – just one that suits you. Yes, you. Not your guests – it’s your day and it’s all about you. So don’t worry, it may be a big decision to make and you may have a handful of concerns, but fear not – we are here to talk you through the advantages of holding your nuptials midweek here at Brinsop Court.


A date for your diary.

Depending on the day, and also the season – the cost of a wedding fluctuates over the year. Wedding Season for us typically takes place from April – December, with all months being just as busy as each other! If you are looking to make your wedding as cost effective as possible and are also flexible with your dates, speak to one of our wedding coordinators who can advise you on availability and any great rates which may apply to your booking. If you are wanting to get married in the summer months, either make sure you book well in advance, or consider midweek wedding. Low season dates are less in demand, but do check availability with the team as soon as possible. If you are stuck, you can ask for a general availability for your chosen year and also ask to see some images of Brinsop weddings during different seasons which may help you make your decision.

Your dream day is more achievable than you think.

Weekends in the wedding industry are renowned for getting booked up rapidly, with bookings being made 2-3 years ahead, especially for venues. All wedding suppliers have a wider range of availability during midweek, so you can be sure that you are getting the best pick of our highly-demanded recommended suppliers. From florists to hair and make-up, to selfie mirrors and bands – everyone is likely to have a wider range of availability to be yours for the day if you are choosing a midweek date.

Benefit from your saving elsewhere.

Having a midweek wedding will undoubtedly save you some money, but then the decision lies with you on exactly where and when you reap those benefits. The possibilities are endless as you choose between your options. An upgraded menu for your wedding breakfast? An extended honeymoon? Extra roses in your bouquet? Or perhaps you will keep your savings for further down the line in married life? Either way, you’re saving money and that is never a bad thing. You will thank yourself one day.


Pick a day that means something.

You may want to celebrate your marriage on a special date, such as the anniversary of when you first met, or perhaps when you got engaged? A Saturday wedding doesn’t always allow this, but by opening your choices to midweek dates you immediately have more flexibility.

It’s not just you – your guests save money too!

Your guests might be needing some overnight accommodation, and by choosing a midweek date for your wedding they may save on room rates depending if they drop during the week. If your guests are travelling far to attend your wedding, then traffic, transport and flights can also be less busy or cheaper – making their journey to your wedding much more enjoyable and stress-free!


Your day, your timings.

Quite often on weekends, registrars will have a number of ceremonies to officiate in a day – this can sometimes leave the couple with a small choice of ceremony times if they are already set on a date. These available times may not be desirable for you plan of the day, perhaps too early or too late? By considering midweek dates, you are likely to get pick of the bunch or at least a much wider selection with the registrars. With the ceremony time sorted, this then enables you to plan your day how you want it.


Did somebody say a day off work?

For couples getting hitched and considering a midweek date, the biggest issue we see couples ponder over is that guests will have to take a day off work. Nowadays, peoples working hours are a lot more flexible, so taking a day off or two could be easily worked into their week, more so than you realise! For some guests, they may want to take the extra holiday to extend their weekend into a mini break, especially depending on how far away they are travelling from. Save the date cards have been a big hit for years now, send them out early enough and your guests will have plenty of time to arrange a time off to attend your big day.


Host a wedding week!

Your wedding is going to be one of the biggest celebrations you will throw, so why not get married in the week and then extend the celebration in to the weekend? A weekday wedding means that over the weekend there is time to throw a family BBQ or have a get-together with friends and reflect on the wedding. This is especially a big advantage if you have friends and family who have travelled from afar to attend your big day.



There are so many endless benefits of holding your wedding midweek, these above just to name a few. If you would like to read move about midweek weddings to gain insight in to a real Brinsop Court midweek wedding, then you can! Follow the links below:

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