What makes a perfect wedding venue?

From the first moment the bride and groom see a place and before they make their decision to have their wedding there; to that last wave goodbye at the end of the celebrations, a venue can make or break the event.

We recently asked what the top three things were that people looked for when choosing a wedding venue and of course the answers were very varied (and it wasn’t a scientific survey), but it seems that space is high on the list, price of course and people also wanted somewhere ‘different’.

How does Brinsop measure up against those three requirements?


With 800 acres to roam in, Brinsop Court Estate offers plenty of outdoor space. Inside the manor house, the main rooms are large and airy and the bedrooms are huge! There is enough room on the landing in Bailey to host a small cocktail party and the games room downstairs in Bailey is big enough to entertain an entire crèche of children!  Brides getting married at Brinsop Court have a choice of rooms to use as their main wedding breakfast room and a further choice for the after meal party and dancing.

Choose a mid week wedding and hire Brinsop Court from Monday to Friday and take advantage of the space on the front lawn for games of croquet or cricket and space around the moat for fishing and pond dipping, to entertain guests who are here for a day or two after the bride and groom have headed off for their honeymoon.

There is also plenty of space for the group’s chosen caterers to set up in the kitchen in Bailey or to erect a field kitchen in the central courtyard.

We guarantee space isn’t an issue!


This is often a moot point with fathers’ of the bride and increasingly with the couple themselves. To evaluate if a venue is value for money can be extraordinarily difficult as it is hard to compare like for like with so many venues having their own particular quirks and perks. Suffice it to say that after extensive market research, we think we have the right price point for Brinsop Court weddings and we make sure that all our guests get five star service in our four star gold rated venue.

We are confident we are value for money!

Somewhere ‘different’

Somewhere is only really ‘different’ if it hasn’t been over-used and over publicised. Brinsop Court Estate and Brinsop Court manor house is still very much a secret and largely unknown locally as well as nationally and internationally.  It is very much a destination wedding venue as we can sleep an entire wedding party comfortably (up to 28 adults plus children!) and we also have our gorgeous Ivy Cottage which is perfect for the happy couple to escape to after the celebrations, where they can enjoy total privacy and of course a dip in their own private hot tub as well.

Yes, we are somewhere different!

If a stunning backdrop for photo opportunities, luxury self catering, hot tubs and pampering and to feel like the lords and ladies of the manor are your thing, book to come and have a look for yourself. Find out if you agree that Brinsop Court is a perfect wedding venue!

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