A place to stay in Herefordshire for half term

If you’ve never been to Herefordshire before you are missing a treat. Exploring the market towns and villages may remind you of days long gone as so much has changed in our big metropolitans but so little has changed here!

made in herefordshire If you are several families wanting to holiday together, it can be difficult to find the right sort of accommodation. There is a lack of large hotels in the county and a hotel may not be ideal for several families wanting to holiday together. If you are looking to self cater or stay in a bed and breakfast there are a wealth of small cottages and tiny bed and breakfast places. Again, great if you are a couple but not so good if you are a large family group or a bunch of friends looking to share accommodation so the kids can all amuse each other! Camping could be a solution, but in today’s world of climate change and unpredictable weather that isn’t really option and in my book never an option in February! The best solution is to find a large country house with flexible accommodation. On the check list could be a requirement for more than one kitchen, so each family can sort out their own breakfasts without having to face the others at the crack of dawn! But you may want to have dinners together, so you need a place with a large dining room too. If you are a group of several families, it can be fraught if everyone is forced to be together all the time, better to have several sitting rooms so that films can be watched in one and games played in the other – even better if there is a purposely furnished games room! Whatever the weather, there needs to be a wealth of stuff to do on site and close by. Add luxury to your tick list and Brinsop Court fits the bill!

ponies at brinsop courtOf course the other requirement might be to stay on a farm as Herefordshire is a very rural county and most of it is covered in farmland. Brinsop scores a point there too because the estate is farmed and although it is mostly arable, we do have two adorable ponies to pet and walk as well as pigs and sheep.  Brinsop sleeps up to 28 people in very flexible accommodation, just give us a call to talk through what you are looking for….. and if we can’t help, we might know a man who can!