A to Z of Brinsop

Brinsop is all about quality time with friends and family and giving yourself and each other a treat with a memorable stay here on the estate. There is so much to see and do here but it is not always obvious and that’s how we like it! Just for fun and because it is the start of a new year, we’ve put together the first half of an A to Z of Brinsop.

A is for AGAs – each of the kitchens at Brinsop has an oil fired AGA installed and regular readers of this blog will know I am a huge fan of AGAs. Don’t worry if you are not though as there are regular ovens in the kitchens as well as microwaves and other ‘mod’ cons! And if you hate cooking, then forget about the self catering and hire a chef for your stay here.

B is for Banqueting Hall – the hall is in the oldest part of the building and is hugely atmospheric and beautifully lit by chandeliers as well as more discrete and concealed lighting. With the fire roaring and a string quartet playing in the corner (you have to hire them, they aren’t there all the time!), it is easy to host a special and memorable party.

C is for Courtyard – the spacious courtyard in the centre of the manor house is accessible from all wings of the house and on a summer’s day with the roses blooming and the bees buzzing it is a stunning place to relax and read or doze your way through a few hours, just perfect for grown up’s holidays! We keep it noise free for just those reasons.

D is for Ducks and other wildlife – the estate is teaming with wildlife and John Thornley OBE, our deer stalker is sending us a list of all the wildlife he has seen on the estate in the last 12 months, so look out for a future blog about it.

E is for Egyptian cotton bed linen – there is nothing more inviting at the end of a hard day’s relaxing (or playing golf or cycling or walking or climbing) than a king size bed with luxury cotton sheets, big padded cushions and sumptuous covers. All part of the luxury self catering we offer.

F is for Fishing – one of the many activities that you can do without leaving the estate. Jonathan will help you fish in the moat around the house or together you can head up to Harland’s Pool and fish at night there. It is a magical experience for people who don’t normally get such an opportunity.

G is for Games room in Bailey – not only is there a selection of board games in all the houses, but Bailey House has a dedicated games room which includes a pool table, dart board and ping pong. So whatever the weather is doing outside the entire group can amuse themselves with plenty of space to spread out inside.

H is for History – and boy do we have history! If you are looking for a self catering holiday in a historic house this is the place for you! Built back in the 13th century, daily life during the middle ages was a routine round of working the land and trying to grow enough food to survive another year! Much like now in many ways!

I is for Ivy Cottage – originally the game keepers cottage, this 300 year old romantic cottage for two is a little way off from the main house (perfect if you are a honeymoon couple) and ideal for couples who like hot tubs, star gazing, wood burning fires and cosiness.

J is for Just for you – also known as private hire or exclusive use! We are always delighted when a group decides to hire all of Brinsop Court for their self catering exclusive holiday, and many people do just that to give their friends a treat or to use it for their university reunions or for their weddings and anniversaries.

K is for Koala Bear – of course we don’t have any here, I was just checking you were still reading! We do have a very tall eucalyptus trees though so if we did have koalas at least they’d have somewhere to live.

L is for Lords and also for Library – both of which can be hired as add-ons when renting one or more of the main houses. Lords is an en-suite double bedroom and one of a pair with The Oval, both named that way as they over look the cricket pitch! The Library can also be hired when renting either Bailey on its own or as part of an exclusive use hire.

M is for Madeleine Carroll – the celebrated Hollywood actress whose husband owned Brinsop Court back in the 1930s and who we have written about before.

And that completes our A to M. For the second half of this blog, come back soon!