Here at Brinsop we are extremely busy preparing for the Festive season which lies ahead. Today, the decorations have been bought down from the attic, new decorations have been delivered and 6 Christmas trees purchased and placed in their stands ready for dressing.

We are extremely excited to welcome all our guests through our doors over December and in to January. With open fires roaring, delightful decorations and a good Brinsop welcome – you can feel right at home at Brinsop this Christmas.

Here’s our A – Z of Christmas at Brinsop Court. Watch this space for updates and pictures of our decorations!


A is for Arrangement. There is a lot of arranging of decorations to be done at Brinsop – two days worth in fact!

B is for Big. Here at Brinsop – we think Big! Big colours, big lights and very big trees!

C is for Candles. Our Banqueting Hall looks stunning all year round – but can you imagine a Christmas feast in candlelight? WOW.

D is for December Weddings. After a year of weddings, December weddings are ones we look forward to the most, with glistening trees ice on the moat and a frosty bite outside.

E is for Excitement. Everybody is feeling Festive and excited for the transformation of Brinsop in to a country winter wonderland.

F is for Festive Fairies. Here in the office, we like to think of ourselves as Festive Fairies, promoting Christmas at Brinsop since September, ok well maybe LATE August.

G is for Guests. We are excepting to welcome 100’s of guests to Brinsop this Christmas for weddings, parties, events and showarounds!

H is for Holidays. Escape to Brinsop for a country retreat, this manor house is wonderful all year round.

I is for Ivy Cottage. Our Ivy Cottage is the perfect couple’s retreat – ideal Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest.

J is for Jumpers. Christmas Jumpers! Essential attire for decorating a big country house!

K is Kitchens. Where the festive goodness is made! We love using the AGA for warming up our mince pies!

L is for Log Fires. Nothing beats sat in front of log fires here at Brinsop, nice and toasty! Right? Suggestions welcome…

M is for Mistletoe. Most of the mistletoe here at Brinsop grows of popular trees around the estate, we have lots of it! Perfect for weddings.

N is for Nippy. ​Its been a nippy few weeks here at Brinsop – but only outside. Come indoors to open fires and underfloor heating to beat the chill.

O is for Occasion. This is such a special occasion for us – a magical time of year. Brinsop shines all your round, but Christmas is really something special .

P is for Party. Everybody at Brinsop has put so much effort in to make 2017 the best year yet. We are very much looking forward to our Christmas Party to celebrate this!

Q is for Queen Anne Dining Room. Our Queen Anne Dining Room is a great alternative for our banqueting hall for a festive feast, or how about a Christmas brunch!

R is for Reindeer. Brinsop Estate is 800 acres for wildlife to roam, deer especially. Not so much reindeer, but at Christmas, we like to think Brinsop is the home to Rudolf and his friends.

S if for Sparkles. And we just love sparkles! On the trees, walls and even our clothes. How much sparkle is too much sparkle?

T is for Trees/Team. This is a hard one, as our Christmas trees at Brinsop are really showstoppers – but without our team, where would we be!?

U is for Unboxing. After a huge delivery of Christmas decorations this morning, we have spent most of the day unboxing our new additions ready for the big day tomorrow.

V is for Visit. Why not pay a visit to us at Brinsop this December? Come for a viewing and we can talk more about your event over tea and biscuits!

W is for Wreath. With four wings at Brinsop, each with a front door – that is four wreaths at least to be hung on outside doors. Lets not even count this inside ones!


Y is for Yulelog. We get through tonnes of logs here on the open fires and fire pits here at Brinsop. This year we will be picking a special log to have as our yulelog.

Z is for Zesty! Oranges play a big part in Christmas, we have some dried orange slices around the house as part of the decorations. Also, on this note, we have been proud to work with A2Zest this year – the food and service that have provided to our events have been outstanding!


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