We can’t quite believe how time has flown since we welcomed the first showering of snow last Winter!

With the days getting colder, the nights getting darker and with Christmas on its way, naturally the topic of snow has popped up in the office once or twice! With that in mind, we thought it we would share our memories of the snow last December!

Brinsop was perfectly white, with little glimpses of dark forest green and the dark wooden tree trunks poking through.

It really was our own Winter Wonderland! Miles and miles of countryside green covered in a thick white blanket of cold fluffy snowflakes. The sky so blue and the warm sun beaming down on Brinsop, making all the grounds glisten so beautifully. Just look at the magical frozen moat with one of our resident swans just about managing a swim in the icy waters.

Everywhere you looked, you felt like you were a million miles away from everywhere and everyone. In your own Narnia.

Look at our beautiful Ivy Cottage – just so perfect covered in snow. Something that you would only see in a movie (The Holiday!) or on a postcard!

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