You’ve decided you want your closest family and friends with you to enjoy and celebrate your marriage and you want the time to last more than a few hours! Introducing the destination wedding venue – but in Brinsop’s case, you and your guests don’t have to go abroad!

Enjoy some quality time with friends and family

The average wedding lasts for about half a day and the principles spend most of that time running from table to table trying to say hello to everyone. A destination wedding means you are all in it together for at least three days or four days. This is great when two families who don’t know each other are joined together and with the bride and groom there to help everyone get to know each other, it will be a one big long party with lots of time to relax and enjoy each others’ company!

It’s an easy way to limit your guest list

A destination wedding means travelling, it means staying away from home for a few days and it means the numbers need to be limited. Like so many things when planning a wedding the guest list can get out of hand, trying to ensure that great aunty this and cousin that don’t have their noses put out of joint and everyone back at the office can console themselves that you can’t all be on holiday at the same time!

Stay in the UK

A destination wedding doesn’t have to be abroad.  Having the chance to enjoy rural England and stay in a historical manor house dating from the 14th century is as romantic as the next place!  And the advantage of not spending some of your precious down time sitting at an airport must be a consideration.   It will cheaper for your guests too as they won’t have to pay for airfares, car parking fees, visas, jabs, kennels for the dogs they would have had to leave at home and so on!

Your special place for future generations

Using somewhere in the UK as your destination wedding venue means you can go back there easily for your 10th, 20th, 30th wedding anniversaries, christenings, family reunions etc., and it will quickly become your home from home!

Combine the honeymoon and wedding

It may be possible to stay on longer at your chosen venue when everyone else has gone back – that is certainly true here Brinsop Court, with our romantic Ivy Cottage on the estate.

You can check out the destination before you put down your deposit

It is easy to go to a UK venue for the weekend and have a guided tour of the place to help you make up your mind. You don’t have to rely on a website and a brochure, but can see it, feel it and touch it before you make your decision.

What do you think? Would you consider a destination wedding in the UK? If you have yet to make up your mind, then take a look at our bespoke wedding website http://www.brinsopcourt.test/ and book a venue visit with us soon!

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