There are so many things to do outside in the grounds of Brinsop that sometimes families and friends are spoiled for choice! We have the lawns below the house which can double up as a football field, rugby pitch, croquet lawn, rounders’ pitch, running track or athletics area or any number of other games, but with Wimbledon coming up we thought this week we’d focus on the tennis court!

Tucked away from the house and to the south east of it, it is part of Cricket Pitch field and close to Stable Meadow with Credenhill woods rising up behind it.

It is an all-weather surface and the net is up and ready to be used whenever guests want it.  There are plenty of tennis racquets and balls in the manor house so there is no excuse not to use them.

Apart from standard tennis matches between two or four people, if there are lots more of you wanting to play, then maybe a mini tournament could be the thing with points awarded for scores attained!  Or if you are here for a few days, and all of a similar standard then perhaps a more serious knock-out competition could be set up!

One idea for a really silly game is Hangman Tennis!  Have everyone stand in a line across the court from side to side at a depth that’s appropriate for their ability and have the strongest player on the other side of the net. Throw or serve the ball to the first person who must hit it back to a chosen target area. If he/she is successful he/she remains ‘whole’ and you move onto the next person. But, if he/she misses, then they ‘lose’ a body part!

Body parts are lost in the following order :

  • 1st miss, stands on one leg for his next turn
  • 2nd miss, stands on one leg and has one arm behind his back
  • 3rd miss, one knee on the ground and one arm behind his back
  • 4th miss, kneeling on the ground with one arm behind his back
  • 5th miss, laying on the ground
  • 6th miss he is out!

Don’t make it too difficult for them to hit back and it should be lots of fun!

Once Wimbledon starts on Monday tennis fever in the UK will reach its annual pitch and tennis courts all over the country will be used to their maximum and we look forward to ours being used by our guests too.

Q: Why are fish never good tennis players?

A: They don’t like getting close to the net.

Q: Why is a tennis game a noisy game?

A: Because each player raises a racket.   Source:

For lots more photos of the tennis court, have a look at this Facebook album. See you on the court soon!

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