If you think your job is the best in the world, then join me in counting your blessings, because I have a fantastic job which easily ranks alongside a list of the best jobs in the world – Brinsop Court Estate Blogger! Read on to understand why I think it is so perfect…..

Health Benefits

If you don’t use your creative muscle then you lose it! Coming up with a topic for the blog every week means that I get to flex and exercise my creative muscle on a regular basis and that in turn means I keep it fit and healthy… which goes a long way to making me feel just fab!

Skill Development

I think I am a reasonable photographer of holiday snaps, but my favourite photographic subject is wildlife. Like anything if you practise you get better right? Here on the estate, the wildlife abounds and there is a never ending source of birds and bees to photograph and include in the blog or on the Facebook page and I get to indulge in the best of hobbies in work time!

Can you see the bee? Need to practise some more I reckon!

Cultural Education

Writing the blog means I research the history of the manor house and its occupants from days gone by. I have learnt so much about life in medieval England as well as having the opportunity to read some of William Wordsworth’s works and the writings of his sister Dorothy. I had no idea that Madeleine Carroll was such a fabulously interesting person beyond her role in Hitchcock’s 39 steps and Kilvert’s diaries are a total delight.

Environmental Satisfaction

kitchen in bailey at brinsop courtHaving WIFI available everywhere means I can pick and choose whether to sit in the office or set up in one of the houses to write the blog or work on one of the other tasks and projects I am responsible for – as I write this I am in Bailey’s kitchen where it is cool and quiet with just the hum of my laptop for company! Perfect conditions for focus and concentration!https://www.brinsopcourt.com/get-in-touch

Do you have one of the best jobs in the world? If you do we’d love to hear about it in the comments box below. Or if you fancy doing my job one week as a guest blogger – just let us know!

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