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Brinsop Court Estate


101 things to do at Brinsop Court Manor House Posted on 28th October 2014

In no particular order:

Go for a bike ride
Head up Merry Hill for a walk
Watch the birds
Listen to the birds
Wildlife photography
Track down Brinsop’s Treasures ( the treasure hunt around the outside of the house)
Cook over the fire pits
Fish for trout and carp
Cook on the Agas
Sunbathe in the courtyard
Play tennis
Play croquet
Play table tennis
Play snooker
Play darts
Make dens in the woods
Forage in the hedgerows
Dam the stream
Climb the trees
Go for a walk around the gardens
Walk the marked bespoke Treasure Trail
Complete the Brinsop poem
Watch TV
Enjoy the sunset
Have a picnic
Hire a caterer
Admire the painting of Wordsworth
Watch Madeleine Carroll DVDs
Sit in the hot tub
Take the ponies Wattle and Daub for a walk
Visit the church (just a stone’s throw away)
Swing on the swing
Climb on the climbing frame
Pick the herbs in the courtyard and add them to your supper
Play board games (we have scrabble, cluedo, monopoly etc.)
Play hide and seek inside or outside
Have drinks on the lawns
Eat breakfast overlooking the moat
Ask for a guided tour
Read some Wordsworth and imagine him writing his poems here
Follow in the footsteps of Kilvert and walk to Credenhill
Watch the resident wildlife
Paint the landscape
Eat cake or the other goodies from the welcome pack
Go for a run
Sit on the deckchairs and doze
Sit in front of the log fire
Tell each other ghost stories
Arrange for clay pigeon shooting at Brinsop
Arrange for archery to be set up at Brinsop
Have a pamper day
Engage a local harpist to give a recital
Admire the art adorning the walls
Eat in style in the Queen Ann Dining room
Have a formal banquet in the medieval banqueting hall
Forage for blackberries
Paddle in the stream
Float boats on the moat
Play pooh sticks
Get up late
Stay up late
Be the lord or lady of the manor for the weekend
Hire a personal chef
Have your groceries delivered for us to put away in time for your arrival
Learn about the history of Brinsop Court from one of the staff
Walk to and around Harland’s pool
Wild swim in Harland’s pool
See the spot where St George slayed the dragon
Identify the water fowl
Take it in turns to produce the meals
Work out where the secret door in the Banqueting Hall is
Count the statues in the gardens
Do the Brinsop Quiz
Read Kilvert’s Diary and find the references to Brinsop
Read the Brinsop blog
Follow the Brinsop recipe in the Made in Herefordshire cook book (we have a copy in the office)
Do one of the jigsaws available in Brinsop
Make daisy chains
Follow Harriet’s walk
Follow Laurie’s walk
Follow Alice’s walk
Follow Molly’s walk
Do the ghost walk in the woods
Have a themed party
Entertain family and friends
Enjoy an evening in the medieval Banqueting Hall
Do some pond dipping in the stream or moat
Play cricket or rounders
Have a sports day with running, jumping and egg and spoon races etc.,
Use the games room for dancing
Have a murder mystery evening
Gaze out of the top windows at the far reaching views
Rest and relax
Fill out one of our “thank you for your feedback” cards
Star gaze
Phone for a take away
Borrow the binoculars to spot wildlife further away, maybe the resident deer?
Enjoy the peace and quiet
Soak up the magic of Brinsop

Or just do nothing!

What will you do when you get to Brinsop Court?

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