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Year: 2013

My Top 5 Favourite Places at Brinsop 19th December 2013
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I’ve put together a very personal blog today with a review of my top five favourite places in and around Brinsop Court.  Next summer I will write a review of my top five places on the estate. In at number five is the courtyard. It is a veritable sun trap in the summer and all year round provides some shelter from the wind.  In the centre are… read more on My Top 5 Favourite Places at Brinsop

Madeleine Carroll Films 11th December 2013
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Madeline Carroll, one of Brinsop’s celebrity occupants was apparently the highest paid actress in 1938 and at the peak of her success she was earning a staggering for the time, $250,000 in one year!  According to Fox Studios she was also the most beautiful woman in the world and made a total of thirty six film - quite a claim to fame. The 39 Steps was the… read more on Madeleine Carroll Films

Shop til you Drop! 5th December 2013
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There are so many great shopping opportunities in Herefordshire in December which of course is the season for shopping. It is unlikely that you would come to Herefordshire for the shopping, but we all have a bit of shopping to do in the run up to Christmas and there are some great seasonal pop up shopping opportunities as well as the regular places to visit in December.… read more on Shop til you Drop!

Mid Week Winter Wine Tasting and Herefordshire Wines 27th November 2013
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In the run up to Christmas, people start thinking about the big Christmas Day meal and drinks to go with it and specifically special wines. This year we thought it would great to try and use local food and drinks as much as possible and I recently discovered there are lots of wine producers in Herefordshire, far more than I realised. Some of them are too tiny… read more on Mid Week Winter Wine Tasting and Herefordshire Wines

Medieval Themed Weddings at Brinsop 20th November 2013
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We have yet to have a bride who wants a medieval themed wedding, but just for fun we’ve had a think about what might be included!  We do have the perfect medieval wedding venue, so here’s hoping! Of course like any themed wedding or event, you can go full on with everyone in costume and every tiny detail adhering to the theme or you can just pick… read more on Medieval Themed Weddings at Brinsop

National Trust Properties to visit near Brinsop 13th November 2013
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Given Herefordshire is such a rural county, the number of National Trust properties locally isn’t huge so it would be easy to get around all of them in a weekend or mid-week stay here at Brinsop Court.  Think about your timings though as many of them are closed during the winter months. The closest National Trust site to Brinsop Court is The Weir, which is a glorious… read more on National Trust Properties to visit near Brinsop

The Long and the Short of It! 6th November 2013
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The fabulous thing about walking is that you can do long walks or short walks or medium length walks! Of course, what is long to one person, might be short to another, but for the purposes of this blog post, a long walk is over 10 miles and a short walk is less than two! People who like long walks will find Brinsop Court Estate and Herefordshire… read more on The Long and the Short of It!

Food Glorious Food 30th October 2013
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It is the time of year when Herefordshire’s Cathedral Close and the city centre is transformed into a giant food festival site. Last year, the festival was deemed a huge success and everyone is hoping that this can be repeated. There are more than 130 exhibitors and a range of celebrities turning up including the ever popular Paul Hollywood, the Fabulous Baker Brothers, Blanche Vaughan & Sea… read more on Food Glorious Food

Shaggy Dog Story 24th October 2013
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Reading the history book about Brinsop, I came across this story and thought I would share it...... can't imagine any of it happening today! Dorothy Wordsworth wasn't a natural dog lover, but a dog called Prince attached himself to her. He accompanied her on her long and solitary rambles around Herefordshire. Prince was so devoted to her that once when she was off on a journey, he… read more on Shaggy Dog Story

The English diarist Robert Francis Kilvert (1840–1879) 17th October 2013
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I came across an entry from Kilvert's Diary recently and just had to share it. Francis Kilvert was an English clergyman remembered for his diaries reflecting rural life in the 1870s. He worked as a curate and then as a vicar in local parishes and his entry for Thursday, March 13th is so evocative - it could almost be written today except of course there is no… read more on The English diarist Robert Francis Kilvert (1840–1879)

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