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Coloured Wedding DressesPosted on Fri 27 Feb, 2015, by Amanda Ingham
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Following tradition, brides have generally chosen to wear a white dress to their wedding. However, as times (and trends) are changing, so are the choices made by brides on what to wear for their big day.

After our previous blog post ‘Wedding Looks for 2015’, we were particularly interested by one of the more alternative trends that seems to be popular for 2015 – the coloured wedding dress. So, we decided to take our research further in this specific trend, and here’s what we found.

The bridal runway displayed colours of blush and gold, a champagne classic! These colours are elegant choices that still remain beautiful and subtle.

Another subtle colour pallet is the blues, greys and greens (namely mint). These were displayed from top dressmakers such as Monique L Hullier.

Not all were kept low key, as floral entered the runway! Floral is a print that gives a definite feminine feel. This colourful look is perfect for the bride that is looking for something distinctive, but of course it would have to be a spring/summer wedding. This look is more commonly approached with splashes across the neckline, waist or back of the dress.


If coloured dresses aren’t for you but you didn’t want to stay completely on the traditional white path, you could take the alternative option of adding colour by an attachment, such as a sash. There is something undeniably appealing about a splash of colour; as opposed to the white gowns we’re accustomed to seeing, so we’ve put together a board on Pinterest to help make your decision for your big day!

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