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Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids Posted on Tue 09 Jun, 2015, by Amanda Ingham
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When you look back at your perfect wedding day, you will often find yourself thinking you would have been lost without your bridesmaids standing by your side. Finding the perfect thank you for your gal pals therefore is no easy task. Moreover after they have made your day just perfect, your heart will be full to the brim with appreciation. So here’s some gifting ideas that our planners here at Brinsop would like to share with you.

The Bling

You really can’t go wrong with jewellery. It’s a sentimental classic, and with so many different styles, designs and colours mean each can have something different. Their initials or birthstones are an idea for adding personal details! For those who want to splash the cash how about a Tiffany heart necklace or a Links charm bracelet, sure to be keepers!

The Smellies    

Every girl loves to smell good. This option gives you the opportunity to pair them up to what fits their personality best! Jo Malone has a fantastic range and you can match the fragrance with the girl or how about matching it with your wedding flowers for a true olfactory reminder of the day!

The Robe

Kimono robes are great for a pre-wedding pamper party, and you can buy them personalised with each bridesmaid’s name on the back! Key tip they also make adorable getting-ready photos!

Pretty Package

Fill up a pretty handmade boxes with some glamorous Bridesmaid necessities! Polish, lip gloss, and don’t forget the flip-flops! After all, you’re relying on your girls to entertain the crowd and dance the night away!

Spa Essentials

If all else fails, every girl loves a pamper! Treat them to something nice and relaxing, after all they have worked hard to make your day special! Holmer Park close to Brinsop offers great Spa days.

We would love to hear if you have any other alternative ideas, and next time we will be helping the Groom with ideas for his Groomsmen!

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