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Ideas on decorations for your wedding venue 27th August 2015
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We thought it might be fun to write a blog on one aspect of do it yourself weddings!  Planning a wedding is hard work and time consuming, so only embark on doing it yourself if you have oodles of time on your hands! Do it yourself can include but isn’t limited to making your own rings, dresses, jewellery and other bridal accessories. You can sort out your… read more on Ideas on decorations for your wedding venue

Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue 4th August 2015
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There are hundreds of venues in the UK all proclaiming they are the perfect place for your wedding. Choosing which one will suit you best, when they are all so different and offer a bewildering array of packages and pricing options, is difficult. First things first Identify your overall budget. There is no point rushing around your local area looking at venues unless you are clear in… read more on Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue

Personalised Venue Stay 29th July 2015
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There is nothing that shouts luxury louder than a personalised, bespoke, tailor made experience. There are several organisations who offer a bespoke holiday service, such as Trailfinders and Travel Counsellors  both of whom I have used very successfully in the past. The beauty of having a tailor made holiday created is you get exactly what you want. We would like to think that here at Brinsop, our customers… read more on Personalised Venue Stay

Brinsop Court Woodland 2nd July 2015
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250 acres of woodland needs managing and we are currently going through a woodland management programme. There are piles of logs everywhere and the smell of freshly cut timber is glorious mixed with the warmth of this week’s sunshine. We have a plantation of pines on Merry Hill and every fifth row has been taken out. In the kitchen woodland we have done some thinning with deadfalls… read more on Brinsop Court Woodland

Location independent working 25th June 2015
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Anytime, anywhere working allows teams the freedom to hold meetings and to work outside the office in stimulating environments! And that’s where Brinsop Court comes in. Having the technology to enjoy that freedom is over 40 years old now and a generation of people are able to work away from an office on a day to day basis. Whilst they miss out on daily physical contact with… read more on Location independent working

Tips to make sure your surprise party stays a surprise! 9th June 2015
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Last month, Brinsop Court was the venue for a surprise 60th birthday party and what a surprise it was to the birthday girl. It got us to thinking about surprise parties and how to make sure they stay as a surprise. Don’t pick the obvious Choose a venue that is not the obvious one – if your group of family and friends often celebrate decade birthdays and special… read more on Tips to make sure your surprise party stays a surprise!

Last Minute Weddings 4th June 2015
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For all sorts of reasons a last minute wedding is sometimes the right thing to do. Planning a wedding over more than 12 months can mean there are just too many choices whereas if your wedding date is less than two to three months away you will have a narrower choice but we believe you will still have plenty of options. Choosing the venue often comes first… read more on Last Minute Weddings

Brinsop keeps its five star ratings 28th May 2015
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Ray Charles said “I never wanted to be famous, I only wanted to be great” and this is a maxim that Brinsop Court shares. Brinsop Court is Herefordshire’s hidden secret and many of our guests want to keep us that way – secret. As Brinsop Court becomes more and more well known, it becomes harder for guests to find the manor house available for their special occasions… read more on Brinsop keeps its five star ratings

Brilliant Birdlife at Brinsop 21st May 2015
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We were chatting in the office this morning about the birds that are nesting or have hatched within 200 yards of the Brinsop Court office. Brinsop Court manor house and the moat is a haven for birds and the orchestra of tweeting, quacking, chirping, squeaking, chattering, clucking, trilling and whistling really is a musical accompaniment to our working day. At a quick count up we know there… read more on Brilliant Birdlife at Brinsop

Introducing Debbie, our new cook 12th May 2015
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Debbie has been cooking on and off for over thirty eight years, with more on than off. Her mother had a business called "Calamity Cooks", and Debbie alongside her through my teens and beyond. We caught up with her in the office and asked her a series of questions. What is the most elaborate event you have catered for? Debbie said “It is hard to put a… read more on Introducing Debbie, our new cook

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