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N to Z of Brinsop 27th March 2014
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Brinsop is all about quality time with friends and family and giving yourself and each other a treat with a memorable stay here on the estate. There is so much to see and do here but it is not always obvious and that’s how we like it! Just for fun we put together the first half of an A to Z of Brinsop previously and here is… read more on N to Z of Brinsop

5 great places for afternoon tea in Herefordshire 15th August 2013
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Picture the scene - you've spent all morning hanging out at Brinsop Court, sunning yourself in the gardens, lounging by the moat and generally doing very little. Lunch was a scrappy affair as the nominated cook from your group for the day lost interest in doing anything very much and doesn't seem that interested in sorting out dinner! Time for remedial action - afternoon tea is called… read more on 5 great places for afternoon tea in Herefordshire

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