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Team Building with a Difference 26th June 2014
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We are still very much focused here at Brinsop on finding routes into the corporate market, so a quick blog post on team building opportunities at Brinsop is the subject of today’s musings! Team building is the catch all term for doing stuff with a team that is away from the office environment.  Team bonding and team fun work really well at bringing teams together too - its all about… read more on Team Building with a Difference

Places to Eat within 3 Miles of Brinsop 12th November 2012

When you come to Brinsop, some of you might want to eat out every night and others might eat out just once or twice. There aren't a whole host of places to eat as it is very rural here, but what is available is generally very good or even excellent. Brinsop to the Chinese is just short of two miles. People come from all over the area… read more on Places to Eat within 3 Miles of Brinsop

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