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Adventures in the corporate world 10th April 2015
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As regular readers and followers of Brinsop’s evolution know we are now offering the manor house out as a corporate venue and it is available from Mondays to Fridays for high level management and board meetings and other corporate events. To date we have had an interesting mix of a few corporate bookings and just like our holiday guests, the businesses that have used Brinsop Court have… read more on Adventures in the corporate world

The business of foraging at Brinsop 21st August 2014
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I absolutely love the idea of foraging and free food. It is very fashionable at the moment to be able to forage and know what you are looking for and what is edible and what isn’t. Right now the cobnuts are ripening and last weekend we picked a whole load before the squirrels got them! In our lower woodland canopy, under scrub and hedgerows we have hawthorn… read more on The business of foraging at Brinsop

Team Building with a Difference 26th June 2014
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We are still very much focused here at Brinsop on finding routes into the corporate market, so a quick blog post on team building opportunities at Brinsop is the subject of today’s musings! Team building is the catch all term for doing stuff with a team that is away from the office environment.  Team bonding and team fun work really well at bringing teams together too - its all about… read more on Team Building with a Difference

Brinsop Means Business! 29th May 2014
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Sometimes it is hard to see the wood for the trees when you are closely involved in a business and it can often help a business to go off site to focus on strategic planning or hold their quarterly or annual reviews. We did it recently ourselves and rather than sit in the office, we went off to Ivy Cottage and brainstormed what we needed to do… read more on Brinsop Means Business!

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