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8 castles you must see whilst in Herefordshire 17th March 2015
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Visiting a castle can be a whole day affair or just a quick peek as you walk past following a circular walk or Treasure Trail.  If you come to Brinsop Court and want a castle weekend, we’d suggest one day to explore Eastnor Castle and Ledbury and a second day to tour the other seven! Eastnor Castle is the home of the Hervey-Bathurst family, situated in a… read more on 8 castles you must see whilst in Herefordshire

Finding Brinsop’s Treasures 23rd September 2014
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We have a lovely fun treasure hunt set up here at Brinsop for the younger members of the family. There are 20 photos of places around the historic manor house itself and one photo of somewhere completely different and the children need to work out which one isn’t at Brinsop! Each photo has a three digit number attached to it and if they get the right one,… read more on Finding Brinsop’s Treasures

Days out in Herefordshire 13th August 2014
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Everyone loves days out with the kids, but sometimes adults can overdose on zoos, amusement parks and aquariums. In Herefordshire we can’t offer any of those but we do have some fantastic suggestions for a cracking day out that should engage the little ones as well as the grown-ups! Leominster is the market town just up the road from Brinsop which is heaving with antique shops and… read more on Days out in Herefordshire

Team Building with a Difference 26th June 2014
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We are still very much focused here at Brinsop on finding routes into the corporate market, so a quick blog post on team building opportunities at Brinsop is the subject of today’s musings! Team building is the catch all term for doing stuff with a team that is away from the office environment.  Team bonding and team fun work really well at bringing teams together too - its all about… read more on Team Building with a Difference

Harriet’s Walk at Brinsop Court Estate 22nd May 2014
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Part of the charm of Brinsop Court Manor House holidays is the freedom that families and groups have to explore the estate and enjoy the ancient woodlands as well as the fields and meadows near the house and a little further afield. We have no problem with guests wandering off the paths, but many guests prefer their walks to be a bit more regulated and to that… read more on Harriet’s Walk at Brinsop Court Estate

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