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Bootcamp Teaser + Advice 30th September 2015
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Molly recently joined in with one of the bootcamps we hold at Brinsop Court manor house and it inspired the following advice to getting fit! Avoid the sweets and snacking aisles As we idly push our trollies through the supermarket jungle we are, at least partially, unaware of the planning behind the packaging of a naughty treat. Have you ever noticed how the sweets’ aisle reflects every colour… read more on Bootcamp Teaser + Advice

Can we do a small wedding 15th September 2015
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Most wedding planning starts with a budget (after the proposal that is!) and having a budget helps to determine the size of the wedding. Although   it isn’t the only thing that is important in determining the number of guests you have on your special day. For every person who RSVPs your invitation, you will need to pay for their meals, drinks, table favours and so on.  There… read more on Can we do a small wedding

Catering on the eve of a wedding 10th September 2015
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There are lots of different ways to provide the catering for everyone staying the night before a wedding and today we are sharing a few of the ideas that our guests have done in the past. Lots of people opt for a hog roast and there are several local companies that can provide one. We can set it up either in the courtyard, or on the Wordsworth… read more on Catering on the eve of a wedding

Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue 4th August 2015
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There are hundreds of venues in the UK all proclaiming they are the perfect place for your wedding. Choosing which one will suit you best, when they are all so different and offer a bewildering array of packages and pricing options, is difficult. First things first Identify your overall budget. There is no point rushing around your local area looking at venues unless you are clear in… read more on Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue

Technology to help with planning your wedding 7th October 2014
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Weddings are big business when it comes to suppliers vying for your time and attention and planning a wedding is not only an enormously emotional process, but an incredibly complex project for people who aren’t used to managing a big event! Luckily the brides who use Brinsop can keep the complexity down as there is only room for small numbers and the weddings that work best here… read more on Technology to help with planning your wedding

Country Fete Wedding at Brinsop 9th September 2014
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What we’ve tried to create at Brinsop is a place where people can have a quintessentially English holiday in the countryside. We encourage our guests to enjoy the woodland walks and marked trails across the estate. We make it easy for them to relax on the lawns by the moat and soak up the peace and quiet. And what is so fantastic about the manor house and… read more on Country Fete Wedding at Brinsop

Medieval Themed Weddings at Brinsop 20th November 2013
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We have yet to have a bride who wants a medieval themed wedding, but just for fun we’ve had a think about what might be included!  We do have the perfect medieval wedding venue, so here’s hoping! Of course like any themed wedding or event, you can go full on with everyone in costume and every tiny detail adhering to the theme or you can just pick… read more on Medieval Themed Weddings at Brinsop

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