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A Winter Wonderland at Brinsop Court 5th December 2018
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We can't quite believe that nearly a whole year has gone by since we welcomed the first showering of snow last Winter! With the days getting colder, the nights getting darker and with Christmas on it's way.. naturally the topic of snow has popped up in the office once or twice! With that in mind, we thought it we would share our memories of the snow last December!   Brinsop was perfectly… read more on A Winter Wonderland at Brinsop Court

Brinsop Court Woodland 2nd July 2015
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250 acres of woodland needs managing and we are currently going through a woodland management programme. There are piles of logs everywhere and the smell of freshly cut timber is glorious mixed with the warmth of this week’s sunshine. We have a plantation of pines on Merry Hill and every fifth row has been taken out. In the kitchen woodland we have done some thinning with deadfalls… read more on Brinsop Court Woodland

Woodland Management at Brinsop Court Estate 20th February 2014
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Will, who is our tree surgeon and forester, popped in for a cuppa recently and I took the opportunity for chat with him. He told me that following the gales and strong winds we had earlier in the month there are several old oak trees that have suffered and are down. There was also the big poplar tree that came down across the tennis court on the… read more on Woodland Management at Brinsop Court Estate

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