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The Guest List - Top tips on who to invite…Posted on Tue 28 Apr, 2015, by Amanda Ingham
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Wondering whether to invite the third cousin you have only met once, or your mum’s friend you haven’t seen for 20 years.

Who do you invite to your wedding and where does the list end? If you're in the process of planning your wedding, you already know that just asking this question is about to put you and your fiancé into the middle of a treacherous minefield!

If money is no object, then feel free to invite all, but if it is read on….

First Things First
Before you start jotting down names on paper, you and your fiancé need to come up with a number: an estimate of how many guests to invite. This, of course, will largely depend on your budget and on the size of your reception site.

The Parent Trap
Sometimes Mum and Dad have a guest-list agenda of their own. Making a decision that only people you have seen in the last 6 or 12 months can help put a stake in the ground and make it fair on both sides.

The Plus One
With many couples marrying in their 20s and 30s you will often have lots of single friends, which quickly raises the question of whether to invite them to bring a date to the wedding. It's generally accepted that any potential guest who is in a long-term relationship should be invited with his or her significant other, but other than that, forget about adding "and guest" indiscriminately to single friends' invitations.

You may think children are great but not really want them to attend your wedding. If so, address your invitations to parents only - this should send the right message. Or maybe you want to invite only the children of your immediate family. You can avoid offending people by asking friends or family members to help spread the word about your decision.

Office Politics
If you work in an office with fewer than 10 people, you probably know them all, and they've most likely been privy to your wedding talk for some time. In this case, the proper thing to do is to invite everyone rather than single out just one or two co-workers.

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