From this Friday, 27th February through to 15th March, Herefordshire has its own film festival with a wealth of films to watch all around the county.

There are thirty venues in total and the nearest ones to Brinsop Court are The Simpson Hall in Burghill and the Courtyard in Hereford. We are particularly delighted to see that “Here and Now” (12A), is showing on Tuesday, 3rd March at both the Courtyard and The Simpson Hall. Directed by Lisle Turner this film features Herefordshire!

The catalogue describes the film

Gobby inner-city girl Grace, doesn’t want to spend a week in the country helping her parents save their marriage; country boy Say finds Grace both obnoxious and attractive. In the dying days of summer the pair search for distraction and, against all odds, find each other, in Lisle Turner’s naturalistic drama, boasting fine performances from the two young leads and beautiful, dappled cinematography by Will Humphris. Has the Herefordshire countryside ever been better photographed or used as the setting for film drama?”

And Mark Kermode, from the Observer noted

“…. there’s real tenderness in the scenes between the mismatched central couple, while the adults face up to melancholic loss in convincing fashion. The denouement flirts uneasily with melodrama, but the overall tone is rewardingly gentle and surprisingly positive”.

Of course we love films here at Brinsop Court, because we used to have a Hollywood film star living here, Madeleine Carroll.  There are photos of Madeleine in the Games Room and you can read more about her on some of our earlier posts too.

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