We have recently ventured into doing the catering ourselves for our corporate guests and although they can of course either self-cater or opt to use one of our preferred caterers, we are finding that they want to use our in-house option.

Our house manager, Ali is our chief catering go to person who designs the menus and organises the shopping, cooking and serving of what has been agreed upon by the guests.

She is keen to ensure that they get great food that is local wherever possible and is good for the brain if they are planning to sit around the table in the Library developing strategy or discussing tactics for their businesses. Those that come for outdoor team building will of course be offered a different menu!

BrinsopCourtBrainFoodBut sticking with the guys and girls around a table – some of the best brain food is protein. Instead of offering a sugar laden breakfast we may recommend eggs and salmon along with fruit, especially berries. And plenty of coffee which is known to have brain boosting properties! Sustaining productivity throughout a meeting has to be key.

Nuts are perfect brain food, so we may suggest a mix of almonds, walnuts and a little dried fruit for their mid-morning break, or they can popped into bowls on the board room table for nibbling while they work. Great for keeping blood sugar regulated.

Dark chocolate with 70 percent cacao is also really great brain food.

Lunch suggestions will be lots of protein, seafood, chicken and lean meats with varieties of salads – Ali does a fantastic beetroot in jelly, high on the Brinsop Court team’s favourites list!

Afternoon breaks are the hardest to get right. People are tired from sitting and not doing anything and their mental fuel needs to be replaced, but not with stuff that will give a sugar rush! Cheese, healthy crackers and fruit could be on the menu!

We are learning all the time – when we had The Gadget Show here, they told Ali they wanted dark chocolate, Swiss cheese and pineapple because all those are good for “sound” apparently! Cue cheese and pineapple on sticks!

A walk around Brinsop Court’s moat or along one of our way marked trails for some fresh air before pre-dinner drinks and dinner will ensure a bit of an appetite is worked up before the team either head out for dinner at a local restaurant or pub or have Ali and her team design something tasty and stay in and enjoy game of snooker or darts in the Games Room.

The choice as always is yours! Come and stay and sample our menus soon.

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