We were chatting in the office this morning about the birds that are nesting or have hatched within 200 yards of the Brinsop Court office.

Brinsop Court manor house and the moat is a haven for birds and the orchestra of tweeting, quacking, chirping, squeaking, chattering, clucking, trilling and whistling really is a musical accompaniment to our working day.

At a quick count up we know there are a pair of buzzards and at least three jackdaw’s nests have been seen and we suspect there are many more around. The bird boxes are full of blue and great tits and a family is occupying one of the bird box on Florrie’s walk. There are at least two nests of chaffinches up in the trees and four or five house martins nesting along the front of the manor house. The place are full of house sparrows and the swifts have returned again this year. It is so lovely to hear them screaming around the moat in the evenings.

Over by the horn beam there is a family of greater spotted woodpeckers and a pair of grey wagtails are also nesting close by.  There will be lots of the smaller and rarer birds, such as gold finches, bullfinches and fire crests nesting up in the trees but we haven’t had the time to sit and watch those shyer ones.

Watching the birds and wildfowl on the moat is always a delight and this morning we got a great photo opportunity as Mrs Duck who had flown into the Courtyard to hatch her eggs, left through the passage way between Dancey and Tirrells leading her brood tightly behind, past the front door, across Wordsworth’s lawn and into the water beyond.

We’ve got several ducks with the broods on the lakes and moat and a few still to hatch along with a pair of little grebes and tufted ducks. The tufted ducks were making their very distinctive sound earlier today which is a sort of gruff bark, very course and gravelly and not at all quack like! There are at least three pairs of moorhens nesting and a pair of swans too. Sadly, our young lady swan had a bit of a snarl up earlier in the week – she got tangled up in some fishing line and although she wasn’t hurt, we called the swan rescue people and she is currently recuperating in hospital and hopes to be home again soon!

Whether you come to Brinsop for a corporate meeting, a wedding or a holiday, you must find time to sit and enjoy the drama of Brinsop’s brilliant birds!

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