We had fun pulling together the historical timeline for Brinsop. I can’t guarantee that all these dates are spot on, so if anyone knows of any discrepancies, do let us know.  Such a rich and colourful set of characters have lived here and most of them celebrities in their day!

12??                       Brinsop Manor House was built for the Tirrell family

12??                       Tirell or Torell family live at Brinsop Court

12??                       St George slayed the dragon at Dragon’s Well, Brinsop Church

1315 ish                 Dansey family buy Brinsop Court and live here for 500 years

1815 ?                    Dansey family leave Brinsop Court

1820                       David Ricardo, leading economist buys Brinsop Court

1827 – 1845          Thomas and Mary Hutchinson lease Brinsop Court farm from Ricardo

1827 – 1845          William Wordsworth visits when his sister Mary lives at Brinsop

1870                       Rev Francis Kilvert (1840 – 1879) visits Brinsop on March 13th and at other times

1900s                     Sir John Ninian Comper (1864–1960) is involved in Brinsop Church restoration

1909                       Dearman Edwards purchases the estate

1912                       Hugh Astley and Lady Sutton purchase Brinsop Court Manor House

1912 – 1913         Henry Avary Tipping (1855 – 1933) designs the gardens at Brinsop Court

1913                       Mr H D Astley constructs the East Wing

1930s                     Madeleine Carroll (1906 – 1940) and Captain Philip Astley live at Brinsop Court

1939 – 1945         The La Retraite School run by nuns was evacuates to Brinsop Court during the Second World War

1945 ?                   Sir Derrick Bailey (1918 – 2009) buys the house from Captain Astley and it stays in the Bailey family until Tom           emigrates to Australia

2008                       Pat and Martin Churchward buy Brinsop Court Estate

2012                       Brinsop Court Manor House opens as a 4* luxury self catering venue

2014                       Brinsop Court launches as a wedding venue

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