Sometimes it is hard to see the wood for the trees when you are closely involved in a business and it can often help a business to go off site to focus on strategic planning or hold their quarterly or annual reviews.

We did it recently ourselves and rather than sit in the office, we went off to Ivy Cottage and brainstormed what we needed to do to solve a particular problem we had been grappling with for several weeks.

Brinsop Court Manor House now has the facilities to offer businesses and corporate teams the opportunity to connect during the day as we have put WiFi into the Library and the Banqueting Hall. Whilst many would advocate staying off line to thrash out a strategic plan, it is not always practical for a business to be completely out of touch all day!

Part of the charm of heading off site is the opportunity to do something different together – call it team building if you like, or team bonding or just a way for a business to say thank you to its employees (and possibly their partners too) for the hard work.

Team bonding can take the form of something competitively physical on site at Brinsop Court such as archery or clay pigeon shooting, or fishing!  A non-competitive walk across some of the 800 acres of Brinsop Court Estate will blow the cobwebs away after a heavy day in the Queen Ann Boardroom.   Or teams can go a little further afield and canoe down the River Wye or indulge in some abseiling or rock climbing in the Symonds Yat Gorge.  We have lots of contacts who can arrange high ropes and caving and many other activities for corporate bookings.

Whilst in the past we’ve expected our guests to arrive on Mondays and leave on Fridays if they are taking a mid week booking, we are now happy to offer two night stays and would suggest that companies wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to stay at Brinsop Court arrive on Monday afternoon/evening, hold their conference meeting on Tuesday morning, enjoy the great outdoors on Tuesday afternoon and leave by 10.00am on Wednesday morning.  Or arrive after 3.00pm on Wednesday, spend Thursday working and bonding (!) and then leave by 10.00 on Friday morning. This gives us enough time to have everywhere thoroughly cleaned before the weekend guests arrive.

So, if you any of you dear readers know of any businesses that could do with a mid week break away from the office, please let them know about Brinsop and tell them that at Brinsop

There are no distractions, just lots of attractions!

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