Brinsop Court, an expansive, magnificent building sitting within its own 800 acre estate, employs a small close-knit team.  The age range of the team is from 20 to 86, creating a wonderful blend of youth and experience. It also contributes to a lovely atmosphere, where stories and anecdotes are regularly shared and laughter can be heard resonating around the office.

Due to the busy nature of Brinsop, with the many varied events taking place, it is almost impossible for everyone to get together, outside of work, and relax. We have a Christmas meal each year, but this really is the extent of our social calendar.

So picture the scene in May – ’We have been selected as one of the finalists of the Chamber of Commerce Business Awards’. The award was for ‘Micro Business of the Year’ and it was a wonderful acknowledgement of just how well the team had been performing over the last few years. Word quickly got around the estate (as it often does), and the questions began. When will it be? Where will it be? How will we get there? What will we wear? What is the menu? Do I have to work the next day?

I set about getting the table reserved and the minibus booked. It was to be a Black-tie event and was to have a ‘Greatest Showman’ theme. There were to be 650 people attending, from companies all over Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Quite incredible our little team from Brinsop, in rural Herefordshire, would be attending, with a chance of winning an award!

The next issue was, due to the fact they have never needed one before, our head gardener Phillip (60) and the farmer who runs Brinsop farm, John (72), did not own a tuxedo. We managed to raid a few wardrobes of friends and relatives and before we knew it we had two candidates for the next James Bond film.

On arriving at the Worcester University Arena, the scale of the event became apparent. Hundreds of people, from a diverse range of companies, in their refinery, all there to enjoy the evening.

As we lined up outside for a ‘team’ photo, I felt very proud to be stood with such an eclectic group of individuals, who all work together so well. Yes, we stood out a little but I thought, this is what Brinsop Court is all about, this is what makes the place so special. We all have that passion and desire for others to love it as much as we do!

The evening was fantastic, the magnum of Pol Roger was not wasted! Unfortunately, we did not win our final, but we were immensely pleased to make it to the last five companies. Such a wonderful achievement, and one that will spur us on to keep Brinsop Court growing and developing into one of the country’s top wedding venues.

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