You’ve booked your holiday and you are coming to stay with all the family!  It is time now to think about the entertainment!  Of course there is plenty to do in the games room with the table tennis, snooker table and dart board.  And outside there is fishing, the tennis court and bikes to use.

But if your family are like mine, when they get together they want to party and play from the minute they wake up ‘til it’s time for bed!   This quiz is for them!  We’ve devised 20 fun questions – no cheating by looking things up and if you want the answers you will need to get in touch!

1. When Hugh Astley lived at Brinsop Court what did he introduce to the moat?

Pink Flamingos
Pigmy hippos
Canada geese

2. Where did William Wordsworth plant a cedar tree when he stayed at Brinsop Court?

Close to the tennis courts
By Bailey kitchen
On the bank opposite Astley House

3. Which room in Brinsop Court has a secret door?

The Library
The Banqueting Hall
The Queen Anne Dining Room

4. The fields around the manor house all have names, which of these isn’t one of our fields?

Big Ox

5. Which of these pear trees varieties isn’t grown at Brinsop?


6. Wattle and Daub are the names of the ponies at Brinsop, when did they arrive at Brinsop?

October 2012
November 2012
December 2012

7. Which local artist exhibited in the Banqueting Hall back in 2012?

Richard Bavin
Anne Campbell
Gordon Campbell

8. Which recipe did we submit to the Made in Herefordshire cookery book?

John Thornley’s Venison Stew
Pat Churchward’s Raspberry Jam
Brinsop’s Perry Cider

9. In the past we offered Ivy Cottage as a prize in competitions run by which magazine?

Country Life magazine
Countryfile magazine
Country Living magazine

10. Dansey used to be the servants quarters, which of these bedroom names doesn’t exist?


11. Which of these herbs don’t grow in the Courtyard?


12. Which local artist has work hanging in Bailey?

Richard Bavin
Anne Campbell
Gordon Campbell

13. How many bespoke and named walks are there around the estate?


14. Brinsop donates £5 to which charity for every feedback form that is completed?

Woodland Trust
English Heritage
Wordsworth Foundation

15. What is the monkey on the roof playing?

A cello
A double bass
A violin

16. What is the name of the hill on the estate?

Happy Hill
Merry Hill
Jolly Hill

17. Where do we hide the ‘I found Brinsop’s Treasures’ Treasure Chest?

In the bike shed
In the shed behind the hot tub
In the shed near the tennis court

18. How many blog posts are there on to the end of July 2014?


19. Which one of these famous classical economists once owned Brinsop?

Adam Smith
David Ricardo
James Mill

20. Which Georgian gardener was instrumental in designing Brinsop Court gardens?

Gertrude Jekyll
Harold Peto
Henry Avary Tipping

How did you get on?

If you scored between 18 and 20 right you are either incredibly lucky or have been to Brinsop lots of times! If you got more than 10 right, you are well on the way to being a Brinsop Aficionado and if you managed only a few, we think you need to come back again really soon and swat up!

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