Unique Experience

Bushcraft Forest Adventures & Woodland Survival Skills

A Unique Experience

Brinsop Court offers a totally unique experience for your company.  Learn vital skills for survival against the elements and work together as the strongest of teams to succeed.  Develop leadership and problem-solving techniques to achieve the best outcome for all.

We all need shelter to survive. Learn how to work as a unit to build a structure using natural resources located in and around Brinsop.

Woodland survival skills tuition includes building, lighting and maintaining fires; building mud ovens; capturing, prepping and cooking wild game from within the grounds of the Estate.  The course includes full instruction on how to capture different food sources and how to identify and gather suitable plant and tree food, and fuel resources too.  All the time working with nature, together – with a common goal.

Of course, the health of the group is paramount.  Learn first aid survival techniques as well to maintain a fit squad.

Take your team out of their usual workplace, see them bond through the complexities of what they face and celebrate with them their extraordinary achievements!