Busy doing nothing on holiday at Brinsop

We lead such busy lives these days and everyone everywhere is busy doing big and important stuff to keep their days full, meaningful and under control.

Sometimes though it is important to stop and take stock, have a rest and reconnect with friends and family and of course your inner self too! This can be really hard to do at home and this is where a place like Brinsop comes in. I was outside just now taking some photographs and it struck me how extraordinarily peaceful it was.  It wasn’t especially quiet because birds were singing and moorhens were skittering across the water lilies and the ducks were having a chat but it felt very calming. The sun was shining which always helps to slow things down and there was a whisper of breeze through the trees in the kitchen woods.

There are lots of published reasons why it is good to take a holiday and probably the most important is to give your selves a break from the stress of everyday life.  A real break is so important and by a real break I mean one where the priority is rest and fun. Not one that is overbooked with tourist activities or one that you take your work with you.  Leave your laptop, tablet and smart phones behind or keep them locked in a drawer and only let them out for an hour a day whilst you are away and the rest and fun will naturally follow.

Rest though doesn’t mean just lying around doing nothing! Walking is a fantastic way to give your selves an endorphin boost, get some vitamin D and build up an appetite for some great food cooked over the fire pits.  At Brinsop we can offer walks galore of varying lengths and difficulty, with some heading out over the fields from the front door, whilst others we can suggest may start a short car ride away, such as round the lakes at Bodenham or along the path at Offa’s Dyke.  Picking up some additional vitamin D is great for your wellbeing and our courtyard is a wonderful sun trap – of course the sun has to be out for it to get trapped, but the peace and quiet in the courtyard with the sound of the bees buzzing round the roses is the stuff of afternoons spent lying on a sun-bed dozing over a book!

Relaxing and having a rest on holiday might for some people mean getting some time to themselves. Brinsop Court Manor House is huge (as those of you who have been here know) and there are nooks and crannies all over the house to curl up by yourself and read a book whilst the others in your house party play table tennis in the games room or watch a DVD in one of the sitting rooms.  Or if cooking relaxes you, then whilst someone else is on supper duty in Bailey, you can be in Dansey baking cupcakes for tomorrow’s picnic!  Then again, you could just sit in Tirrell’s kitchen, drink tea and watch the ducks out on the moat.

And so to bed…. and plenty of sleep in huge beds with wonderful Egyptian cotton sheets, towelling robes to hang out in after a luxurious bath or fabulous shower and all will be well with the world.

Fancy it? I know I do… let us know when you book that you are looking for rest and relaxation and we’ll make sure you are left to your own devices!  We have some availability in Bailey in August – come on you know you want to!

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