It isn’t everywhere that has their name in a poem by a famous poet. Brinsop Court does and it is something we are very proud of. The poem in question goes like this….

Stop passenger and drop a tear;

A most ill-fated Prince lies here.

His reign in youth was wild and pleasant,

He hunted rabbit, hare and pheasant,

Grown old, he bid adieu to sport,

And mildly ruled at Brinsop Court.

But shame on these reforming times

Of Revolutionary crimes!

The harmless, old and good Prince-royal

Was vilely used by hands disloyal,

His noble neck was hempen-collared

And stretched below a willow-pollard.

Oh wicked traitor Jerry Preece,

Repent, if you would die in peace.

bailey at night - brinsop court herefordshireIf you look you will find various references to Wordsworth in the area. He also wrote one about St Catherine of Ledbury and one on the discovery of the Magna Castra Roman camp at Kentchester. There is a three mile walk produced by the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty called Wordsworth Walk which is circular around Llandogo (a small village just south of Monmouth).

When you come to Brinsop Court you may well be moved to writing poetry yourself as it is breathtaking in its beauty and stimulating to the creative juices.

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