There are lots of different ways to provide the catering for everyone staying the night before a wedding and today we are sharing a few of the ideas that our guests have done in the past.

Lots of people opt for a hog roast and there are several local companies that can provide one. We can set it up either in the courtyard, or on the Wordsworth lawns, at the top of the steps by the bridge over the moat or even on the cricket pitch.

If you didn’t want a full blown outdoor catering affair, it would be fun to do it yourselves and use the fire pits and cook steaks and sausages for everyone, washed down with local beers and ciders of course.

If you like the idea of self-catering but don’t want to have to do the cooking, then we recommend you order a takeaway which can be picked up or delivered. Locally we have Indian and Chinese takeaways; there is a fish and chip shop not that far away or pick up the phone to a local pizza delivery outfit.

American suppers are a lovely way to involve everyone by asking them to bring a plate or two of food and then taking pot luck with what comes. Generally it works out that there is a tasty spread of finger food both savoury and sweet. Of course you could be prescriptive with what you ask them to bring but much more fun to just see what comes, and much easier for your guests to bring what they like.

My vote goes to the wedding party who did a massive order through Waitrose which was delivered to the manor house and Ali and Helen put it all away in the fridges. When the guests were ready for supper, they just opened the fridges and set out all the packets and pots of salads, cold meats, pickles, cheeses and breads on the Queen Anne refectory table. Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys have all delivered to Brinsop Court at times too.

If all that sounds like too much work, then you could just head out to the pub or local restaurants! There are some really great ones to choose from – if you need a recommendation just ask.

One of the wedding parties we had last month decided to take full advantage of our lovely banqueting hall and had a formal black tie dinner the night before the wedding which was provided by the caterers who were also doing the wedding breakfast. Two meals for the price of one maybe? Ha, ha very unlikely, but it is always worth asking!

Another set of wedding guests decided to split the men and women and the men were dispatched to the pub whilst the women enjoyed a take away ‘at home’.

Whatever you decide to do, whether fancy or plain, easy or complicated, quirky or traditional enjoy yourselves – the evening before the wedding is full of anticipation and promise and excitement and if you aren’t careful the food could spoil it if it hasn’t been thought about carefully. If you would like some help in deciding what to do talk to Ali or Lorina when you come and view Brinsop Court. To view, drop us an email, contact us through facebook or pick up the phone 01432 509925.

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