Christmas is such a special time of year and its wonderful that in our culture families and friends get together for several days over the holiday period. But it can be a huge strain on your home and your nerves as most of us live in houses that are not designed for large numbers of people to be cooped up together for any length of time and especially if the weather isn’t great!

This is when a house like Brinsop Court Manor House really comes into its own.

Not only are the rooms large, but there are lots of them and I’m not talking about the bedrooms.  The oak parlour is the biggest living room area and there is masses of room for everyone who is staying to get together around the fire and play traditional and not so traditional parlour games! Charades is often the perennial favourite at Christmas!

Then there are the smaller living rooms with their squashy sofas in Tirrells and Dansey so that if your house party needs to split up for some of the time then no one needs to be uncomfortable and not be in front of a fire!

Talking of games, of course there is always the games room to congregate in and have a table tennis tournament or darts match or snooker game.

Catering at Christmas for your friends and family can also be hard work if it is in your home. If you are celebrating somewhere neutral then everyone can be expected to pitch in and help by bringing some of the meals already prepared or by bringing the ingredients for the meals and then taking charge of cooking in one of three large country kitchens. Imagine this scenario – the teenagers are in Dansey sorting out the starters, the oldies are in Tirrells working on puds and you and your siblings are sipping champagne in Bailey and rustling up the mains!  Of course having Waitrose or Sainsburys deliver everything helps too!

Sleeping arrangements at home with a large family party will almost definitely involve sofas and floors for the kids and some of the guests having to stay elsewhere and miss out on some of the party – not so at Brinsop Court Manor House of course!

Even decorating your home can be a pain with pine needles dropping and having to be hovered up well into the spring and the same tired old stuff being carted out and hung up. If you come to Brinsop Court Manor House for the holiday, Pat and the team will have tastefully decorated everywhere and the enormous balls of mistletoe have to be seen to be believed! Just gorgeous.

But, of course if you do want to spend Christmas or New Year at Brinsop Court, then you need to think about doing it sometime in the future – we are already booked for next year.  If you would like to book for 2016 get in touch soon?

In the meantime, have a very happy Christmas and an amazing New Year and we hope to see you at Brinsop Court sometime in the next year.

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