Your week at Brinsop Court is booked and you are planning to celebrate your milestone birthday in style. For the birthday night, one of our recommended caterers has been contacted, the menus discussed and all is in hand. The invitations to your nearest and dearest have gone out and everyone has confirmed they are up for an entire week of celebrations in the gorgeous self catering manor house that is Brinsop Court.

During the week everyone will be sorting their own breakfasts out, lunch will no doubt be out and about somewhere in Herefordshire but everyone will expect dinner altogether every evening -otherwise what would be the point of being on holiday together?

Cooking for 30 or so people will be a bit of a challenge for most people even those who are used to cooking for nuclear families and extended families once a year at Christmas.

The obvious thing to do is to divide up the responsibility and have each couple or family responsible for at least one of the meals, but to make sure that there is a variety of meals throughout the week, there may need to be some guidance!

Our ideas for several days of meals would include at least one or two cooked over the fire pits provided with each of the properties. Bonfire bangers and beans – yum. Roasting a large gammon would be on our list – easy to serve hot or cold with salads or vegetables. Lots of left over ham for sandwiches the next day! Something with mince goes down well in our house – chilli con carne, spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, cottage pie, the list is endless.

We also like what is known colloquially as a ‘bread meal’ when there are a variety of breads on the table along with salads, dips, pates and cheese and everyone gets to choose and make up their own plates of food. Cauldrons of soup, jacket potatoes and fillings go well with this type of meal especially if it’s cold outside. Stews and bakes are great for preparing in the morning and leaving in the Aga to cook all day in the bottom oven so they are ready for when you get home in the evening and a meal can be served with the minimum of fuss!

The house has lots of cookery books in each of the kitchens, so if you are stuck for inspiration when you get here you might find some in the books, but if you are super organised, then you will have determined your menus already, ordered the food on-line for delivery direct to Brinsop Court to await your arrival, and be on to thinking about the entertainment! And that will lead to whole other blog post….. !

Happy Easter from all us at Brinsop.

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