We love it when people come to stay at Brinsop Court Manor House in Herefordshire and use the library and banqueting hall for their parties and we love it even more when we get the chance to use it ourselves.  Last week we entertained friends and neighbours from around Brinsop in celebration of St George’s Day and to help with fund raising for the local church at Brinsop – St George’s.

HarpistI know its fanciful, but the house seems to swell with pride when we have guests and with the lights on and the fires blazing, it is incredibly welcoming. We added a harpist, Claire Hamilton from Monmouthshire who was playing her gorgeous harp as the guests arrived at Bailey’s front door.  The sound floated across the moat and set the scene for the visitors. Once inside they made their way to the Library for pre-dinner drinks and purchasing of raffle tickets – it was a fund raiser after all!

Pat welcomed everyone and introduced her friend Sarah de Rohan, who was representing the Herefordshire Historic Churches Trust and talked to the party about the importance of supporting St George’s not only through fund raising but also volunteering to do all the jobs that a church needs, like flower arranging, coffee mornings, grass cutting, window cleaning, grave tending and so on. Brinsop Court has volunteered to do the grass cutting.

The guests were encouraged to tour the house and the staff were on hand to guide them and answer any questions. Everyone was very interested in poking around and quite a few of them were keen to know if they could use it for their friends and family’s reunions, significant birthdays and even weddings.

The bell rang for dinner and a delicious lasagne, garlic bread and salad was served up by Julia and Matt with help from Florrie and Pat. The banqueting hall looked superb with candles and tea lights on the tables along with a note from the vicar, Rana Davies-James thanking Pat for her hospitality.

More funds were raised with a fun game of heads and tails and the lucky winner who was left standing at the end won a very nice sum of money, thank you!  The raffle was drawn and the prizes much appreciated by the all the winners.  And all too soon it was time for good-byes and carriages with many people already looking forward to next year’s event on St George’s Day!

The money is still being counted but well over £1,000 was raised.

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