We have a lovely fun treasure hunt set up here at Brinsop for the younger members of the family.

There are 20 photos of places around the historic manor house itself and one photo of somewhere completely different and the children need to work out which one isn’t at Brinsop! Each photo has a three digit number attached to it and if they get the right one, then that number combination will open the padlock on the Treasure Box hidden in the shed by the tennis court.

Not all the photos are really obvious and of course there is the moat to think about too, so we don’t expect very young children to play the game unaccompanied, but older siblings and parents will enjoy helping the little ones and will get to see parts of the outside of Brinsop Court manor house that they might not have noticed at first glance.

We are in the process of developing a treasure hunt for the inside of Brinsop Court too, so look out for news of that in the next few months.

We also have 12 miles of Treasure Trails across the estate which are named for the daughters of Pat and Martin and each one is about 3 or so miles long.  Before you start the walks, make sure you have a copy of the bespoke Treasure Trail so you can fill in the missing words from the Brinsop poem.

And if that’s not enough we are also in the process of creating some running tracks that will range from around 2.5 kilometres through to just over 6k. Of course, these will be cross country tracks and not flat and easy due to the number of hills on the estate. The local Crocodile 8 run is very well established, so we are sure they will work really well.

When you come to Brinsop, you will find plenty of ideas of things to do on the estate, and if you need help with anything either give us a call from the phone in the house, or pop into the office by Dansey’s hot tub. There is usually someone around to just ask!

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