Last Wednesday morning we enjoyed the company of PKH Fire Training at Brinsop to get us all up to speed with our safety measures. It was a fascinating and very useful morning (but could you wear the uniform next time please, Pete?), where we all listened and learned and passed the required tests regarding fire safety awareness.
The morning passed with all us being unusually quiet. We watched and listened, open-mouthed and appalled, to some hair-raising tales of real life fires. For example the Kidderminster carpet warehouse being engulfed in fire – within minutes – as some onlookers got as close as possible to take photos.

Or, the guys who leapt up and down laughing in front of the TV cameras as Bradford Football stadium burnt to the ground – again within minutes – who must feel ashamed of themselves when they see that footage now. People were dying behind them as they couldn’t escape the furious flames. And the corner store which actually had a fire burning on the shelves which a guy walked past, looked at and then calmly joined the queue for the counter as the fire grew. He didn’t get served but he did manage to lift a couple of bottles of whisky as he dodged the flames which eventually filled the shop. Bizarre behaviour in times of panic …

After the team sat to watch these horrific real life incidents, the importance of being fully aware of our fire regulations set in. When we welcome guests at Brinsop we address the procedure that guests should follow in the event of a fire; the evacuation plan, the location of the fire extinguishers (should a potential flame be small enough to handle), where to gather away from the house and who to call etc.

PKH Fire Training explained to the team the importance and the difference with each fire extinguisher and which to use on the type of fire- be it electrical, flammable liquids, solid fire and more. We also learnt about the different extinguishers available and which class of fire they work best on. PKH Fire Training then taught the team how to handle these extinguishers on a real-life fire! As Pete safely controlled a flame in front of the house, each member took turns to approach and safely put out the flame with both a dry powder fire extinguisher and a water based extinguisher.  Being able to address a fire was a huge eye opener for all the staff who are more knowledable with the extinguishers around the house.

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