We’ve just had the last bank holiday until we hit Christmas, some 17 or so weeks away and Hereford put on a great show over the weekend, with its celebration of local (and some not so local) food suppliers.

Three days of stalls, music and food to enjoy then and there all on Castle Green this year. We went on Saturday, which was thankfully dry but I did feel for everyone who went yesterday when it wasn’t!

Lots of people turned up and along with them all we enjoyed sampling the different ciders and beers, the cheeses and nuts as well as breads, cakes and other goodies in the main tent. We came away with pies from North Wales and a selection of macaroons. The farmers’ market tent was busy too and we bought quarter of a lamb for the freezer which was excellent value from Whyle’s of Leominster.  Had the leg next day and it was beautifully sweet (and expertly cooked!).  We bought a selection of beers and ciders from locals and had some sips from the Chase Vodka and Gin samples that Waitrose were handing out.

Hereford featured on Countryfile too this weekend with snippets from British Cassis and Legges of Bromyard amongst others, and Hampton Court Castle was the host on the Antiques Road Show a few Sundays ago, so we hope that more and more people are intrigued by what they’ve seen on TV and are curious to come here on holiday! It was the second time that Hampton Court Castle hosted the show and the collection of silver drinking urns, shaped as Herefordshire bulls, was amazing.

The next big event taking place locally is H.Art week – always something going on down in rural, sleepy Herefordshire!

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