Part of the charm of Brinsop Court Manor House holidays is the freedom that families and groups have to explore the estate and enjoy the ancient woodlands as well as the fields and meadows near the house and a little further afield.

We have no problem with guests wandering off the paths, but many guests prefer their walks to be a bit more regulated and to that end Jon created a series of walks that are about 2 or 3 miles long and come with a set of instructions – cross the stream, head to the corner of the field, follow the hedgerow, that sort of thing!

As you follow the instructions, look out for nesting boxes that have been put up along the way. There is something special about each one – they all have a word burnt into the front of them! The word relates to gaps in a poem especially written for Brinsop Court and as each word is ‘collected’ it can be slotted in so the poem makes sense!

The first section of the poem is all about Brinsop Court manor house itself and has the lines…

Brinsop Court was built long ago

An _______ 13th century manor house don’t you know.

It’s been here since mediaeval times

Read all about it in a series of rhymes!


And so on.

There are four walks that relate to the four sections of the poem and each walk is named after Pat and Martin’s daughters.  Harriet’s Walk is the first one and starts off from Tirrells front door, heads over to the farm buildings and along the fields to Harland’s Pool. This is a wild and beautiful part of the estate with the pool a tranquil place on a hot spring or summer’s day. Guests are encouraged to head up there for a spot of fishing or a picnic and just drink in the peace and quiet and feel themselves relaxing and recharging.

From Harland’s Pool, the walk heads over to Merry Hill where there is a blue bench on ‘high’ legs, just right for a stop to admire the views across the fields.  The walk skirts the woods of Merry Hill and if you are very early in the morning or walking at sunset, you may well see our resident deer there.

The route makes its way back to the farm buildings and from there back home to the manor house for a full English breakfast or slap up afternoon tea!

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