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History of Brinsop Court

According to historic records Brinsop Court was built in the 13th century and has been home to a succession of families.

The earliest known lord of Brinsop was Ralph Torell or Tirell who was a benefactor to the Priory of Wormesley in 1210. By the 15th century the Danseys had possession of Brinsop and retained it in the family for several hundred years.

William Wordsworth was a regular visitor when his sister Mary lived here with her husband back in 1827 and Kilvert, the English diarist was a frequent visitor in the 1870s.

Parts of the house have been rebuilt through the ages and in the early 1900s Avray Tipping, the renowned architect of his time was commissioned to improve sections of the house.

Captain Philip Astley and his bride Madeleine Carroll lived here in the early 1930s. In 1938 Madeleine was the highest paid actress in the world staring in 36 films including Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps.

The La Retraite School run by nuns was evacuated to Brinsop Court during the Second World War.

Captain Astley sold Brinsop Court to Sir Derrick Bailey and his family who lived at Brinsop as their family home until Tom Bailey emigrated to Australia and sold the farm to the Churchward family. Sir Derrick, an accomplished cricketer and sportsman established Aurigny Air Services, the Channel Islands airline that exists today.

Since purchasing the property, along with the farm in 2008 Pat and Martin have cleared the moat and continue to restore and repair the building to ensure the legacy of a fine English country manor house lives on.

We post other snippets of local history at Brinsop Court on our blog.