We thought it might be fun to write a blog on one aspect of do it yourself weddings!  Planning a wedding is hard work and time consuming, so only embark on doing it yourself if you have oodles of time on your hands!

Do it yourself can include but isn’t limited to making your own rings, dresses, jewellery and other bridal accessories. You can sort out your own catering and you can enlist friends and family to take your photos. But this post is more about crafting the little touches which will make the venue your own for the duration of your stay.

Very popular as a decoration is bunting. Particularly if you want a country house, vintage or fete style of wedding. And of course, bunting is really easy to make. Make the template then using pinking shears, cut out lots of different fabrics in your chosen colour scheme. Machine each flag at intervals along the bias binding or tape. We think 12 flags to each length is about right, otherwise you end up with a tangled mess!

You can use balloons, but there is always as danger they will pop at the most inopportune moment! They feel like a cheat’s way of decorating too as apart from blowing them up they aren’t made by the bride and her attendants.

Flowers are a lovely way to decorate a venue and make it your own. If you have grown the flowers yourself so much the better (or cut them from your grandparents’ gardens), but there are several florists who will supply you with buckets and buckets of flowers for you to arrange yourself.  One tiny word of warning – don’t leave everything to the last minute. Get those flowers sorted the day before by arranging them in jam or Kilner jars. The jars can be prepared in advance with ribbons tied around their necks.

Or if the whole flower thing is too much, how about making loads of gorgeously romantic tissue paper pom poms. They are really effective and you and your girlfriends could make them during your hen weekend! Hanging paper lanterns works brilliantly too to bring high ceilings down a bit and create a carnival atmosphere.

Blackboards and other vintage signs can be personalised beautifully with your names and the date and lovely touches can be put in a framed sign that says “Let Love Sparkle” in front of a pot of sparklers and boxes of matches for the guests to enjoy as the sun goes down.

Perhaps the table seating plan could be your own work of art using craft materials and hand written names – remember we suggested at the beginning of this post that you needed lots of time!! And that style can be extended to the place names, menus and messages on the table to the guests.

Many venues will not allow lit candles but at Brinsop Court we think the Banqueting Hall looks stunning with lit candles and so allow them along with tea lights. Brides who want to go the whole way could make their own candles, but possibly easier and more fun, would be to decorate jars for the tea lights to sit in. Lighting can make or break a venue and hanging strings and strings of twinkling lights is so romantic and especially effectively on cold autumn or winter evenings.

Fairy lights go brilliantly with a woodland theme and the decorations can be lots of evergreen branches with mistletoe, ivy and holly. Perfect at Christmas of course.

At Brinsop Court we are very relaxed about how you want to decorate the space and will help you with it all. Share your ideas when you come for a show round and we can develop them together. Book an appointment with Ali or Lorina for your show round on 01432 509925.

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