800 acres is a lot of ground to cover, but slowly and surely I will cover it! Recently, I had a glorious walk in the woods close to Tirrells with Will who is working on creating a unique and wonderful area for our guests to enjoy.

woodland trails at brinsop courtAlthough everyone who stays here is free to enjoy and explore the entire estate, this particular woodland is where we think most of our guests will venture into as it is close to the manor house itself. We are working on making it as accessible as possible with cleared and flattened paths. It is very much a work in progress though as we are a little impeded by the wildlife there!

Will is being careful to preserve as many of the trees as possible, but some of course need to come down because they are either dangerous and could topple over or they are really in the way! The plan is to create a path that a wheelchair can get through so they have to be cut. Once felled they are cut into logs and stacked neatly, ready for moving to the log piles available for guests to fill up the wood burners. The stumps will probably be burnt out – at least that’s the current plan.

As part of the clearing process, Will and Jonathan came across an old well which looks as though it must be at least 100 years old and in reasonably good condition. In time we will create a safe surround – it is merely a hole at the moment – and guests will be able to toss a penny or two into it and make a wish. With the magical sounds of the woodland all around, it will be easy to believe the wish could come true!

woodland at brinsop court estateThere are lots of foraging opportunities but there are also raspberry and gooseberry canes for the guests to enjoy.

In another part of the woods, we are going to have some fire pits dug so that visitors can cook outside and we are also planning to build a tree house and maybe even have a zip wire! But in the meantime, we have lots of bird boxes up everywhere and a couple of badger sets to debate over.

It will be a wonderful environment for children to get down and dirty and as close to nature as possible without having to go anywhere and if the weather is as glorious as it was when I walked through the woods, everyone will have a truly lovely time!

Don’t wait a moment longer, check out our availability and book to stay and see it all for yourself.

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