Excellent…I’m back. Back in the land of oxygen.

For the last 3 months I have been hyperventilating at Brinsop, ordering people around in between gasps. It has been a wonderful time of bonding though. I am now on sociable and – hopefully – good terms with plumbers, chippies, digger drivers, decorators, carpetlayers, curtainmakers, stonewallers and delivery men too many to mention. Ann has kept me sane. Jonathan has kept me smiling. Martin has kept me fed.

kitchen in bailey at brinsop courtThe resultant ‘Bailey‘ is a feast for one’s eyes and awaiting your booking, but be fast! It is a property that is going to be in high demand, just because you can gather all your frenz and rellies together for several days and still not fall out…there’s SO MUCH ROOM!

The other excellent piece of news is that we have had rain..yippee. Those of you who witnessed my depleted moat will understand. Fish stocks are being reinstated and water levels are rising.

Spring has sprung early here..we have primroses, roses blooming, snowdrops abound and best of all baby lambs!! John and May are now officially on duty. The little caravan in the shed is back in use. Ready for John to do his obs throughout the night and check any expectant mums in distress – ready with a helping hand. Or a well greased arm!

I guarantee there will be a mini army of tiddlers for those of you who fancy bottle feeding. So sweet.

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