On snowy days there is nothing nicer than to create a party atmosphere with food, drink and games! Families often have their favourites and can introduce them to groups of friends. So, with that in mind, here are some of ours:

1. Charades

Charades of course is a perennial favourite and easy to get set up. Either take it in turns to think up the title of a book, film, play or TV show or have everyone write down half a dozen or so on slips of paper to be placed into a box or bowl. Those with a technical bent and smart phones can generate their words using the Charades Generator! A full set of rules can be found here.

2. Who’s in the Bag

A firm favourite in our family is Who’s in the Bag, also known as Verbal Charades. This time the slips of paper need to have names of famous people written on them and by famous I mean, not just today’s celebrities, but historical figures, literary notables as well as friends of friends and family.

One person picks a name out of the ‘bag’ and then describes to the rest of their team. If you buy the game, then you get a timer and a set of rules, but you can play it just as easily without. You can vary it to by adding What’s in the Bag, Where’s in the Bag and When’s in the Bag.

Both these games need to be played in teams. Sort out teams by putting everyone into birthday order and dividing them up equally or by counting the items of clothing each is wearing and those with the most go in one team and the least in another!

3. Silly Sue

I don’t know if Silly Sue is a ‘real’ game, but it is one that we played with a group of friends this winter, which caused much hilarity as one of the members just couldn’t get it right … might have been the amount of red wine she’d consumed earlier. In this game, everyone had to write down a fact about themselves and hand it to the adjudicator.

The adjudicator then read out all the facts and each person wrote down who they thought each fact was attributed to and scored a point for each one they got right. We played endless rounds of Silly Sue changing the adjudicator each round and learnt the most incredible things about people that we thought we knew well. Great for friends, but could be embarrassing with families as you may not want your parents or children to know some of your secrets!

Of course there are hundreds if not thousands of games you can play on a snowy or raining day, and at Brinsop we have a lovely selection of board games available for guests to enjoy which make a change from films or the TV.

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