For all sorts of reasons a last minute wedding is sometimes the right thing to do. Planning a wedding over more than 12 months can mean there are just too many choices whereas if your wedding date is less than two to three months away you will have a narrower choice but we believe you will still have plenty of options.

Choosing the venue often comes first and some great last minute deals are available for weddings at venues like Brinsop Court if they have the availability.  It is easy to check Brinsop Court manor house’s availability for your wedding by clicking the link.  If you aren’t hard and fast on the exact date and you are happy to get married mid-week you will have even more options.

Photographers, florists, caterers and all the other wedding suppliers are often available mid-week too. Or you may decide to give the planning over to someone else and hire a specialist wedding planner who just needs the budget and a bit of your time.

Building a bit of a holiday around your wedding will make it feel much more special than just a quickie in and out of the register office. Just because you have made a last minute decision doesn’t have to mean it can’t be a full blown affair! But it might mean it is more informal and fun than a traditional do.

A BBQ or hog roast would make a great informal wedding breakfast and you can still have the speeches even if everyone is sitting on the grass or deck chairs outside!

Forget trying to organise a wedding list – ask for plants for your garden (or garden vouchers), donations to a favourite charity or money for the honeymoon fund!

Your outfit and your bridesmaids’ outfits don’t have to be ordered months and months in advance and don’t have to match either. Choose your colour scheme and let your girlie friends loose. If you are absolutely set on a white traditional dress have a look at e-bay there are some fantastic dresses that can be bought immediately!

Getting married quickly is so romantic and before you know where you are, you will be swept off on your honeymoon!

Congratulations and don’t forget to check our availability- November 2015 suit you?

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