Whether you are a group of friends or three generations of the same family, putting on a themed evening can be fun and memorable. And you can be sure that whichever one of our houses you stay in the sitting rooms are all big enough for a party. Of course if you stay in Bailey, then the games room comes as part of the holiday let!

Parties come in all shapes and guises but today we thought we’d pull together some ideas for a murder mystery party.

crime sceneIf you don’t have the time or inclination to write your own scenario you can buy or download a murder mystery game kit and that is the first step. Once you know the scenario and the period and place it is set in you can then theme the music, menu and the drinks to that scenario. So, for example if it is set in the 40s then you probably want to serve some of these 100 war time recipes or if it is set in the seventies there are lots of ideas on mumsnet. If you are into cocktails pre-dinner, then fashionable drinks in the twenties might give some ideas or try this site if you have settled on the 1980s for your year! Of course you can make it really easy on yourself and bring an outside caterer in to create your menu, shop, prepare and serve the food and drink and we can recommend some tried and tested ones.

But enough of food and drink – what about fancy dress? Or decorating the room? We have a brilliant balloon shop in Leominster that also hires out fancy dress – a one stop shop for local parties!

sherlock holmesPrizes might be important to you and if you are looking for something local, then a trip into Hereford or Leominster’s local

tourist information shop will provide an assortment of stuff for purchase that will remind prize winners of a fun party in the county.

If all of the above sounds like too much hard work, then get in touch with a local company Explore4Fun (a Treasure Trails partner). They have a series of Murder Mystery walks around areas local to Brinsop and you might want to use them to personalise a walk for you and your guests to do during the day and get you in the mood for the evening’s fun and games. They can help you with those games too – think CSI! Head to the website, select Contact and “Enquire About a Special Occasion”.

the butler did itThe most important thing is to have fun and not take the murder mystery game too seriously. You want light hearted and entertaining! So whether you are into a DIY party or get lots of help, we are sure the atmosphere at Brinsop will be just right for a who dunnit.

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